BCRD Update Log

Update 2019-05-08

Korean language interface updated, including addition of proper names in phonetic rendering with legacy Chinese renderings.

Update 2019-04-30

Corruption in Kangyur Bibliographic database fixed; all bibliographies and full-text search data updated.

Update 2019-04-14

Korean interface added.

Update 2018-02-02

Updated all databases; restored printing of bibliographic notes.

Update 2015-12-13

Updated all primary and secondary bibliographies to fix broken links to Tibetan e-text. Updated full-text search databases to serve new parsed data and new parallel sentence data. Deprecated legacy interface.

Update 2015-10-31

Updated secondary literature bibliography, including reference to: Kavyadarsa, Abhidharma references in Tokharian B & Uyghur, Sanskrit manuscripts documented by Gedun Chopel and Rahula Sankrtyayana, works by Nagarjuna, Advayavajra, etc.

Update 2015-05-12

Broken Search Functionality Fix. Sanskrit Title search function (in Sanskrit romanization) still broken. Fixed (again).

Update 2015-04-02

Broken Search Functionality Fix. Author search function (in Sanskrit romanization) broken. Fixed.

Update 2015-03-26

Columbia Server Maintenance. Maintenance issues with the Columbia University servers resulted in repeated database accessibility issues throughout the week. Administrative protocols have been put in place to hopefully mitigate against such unforeseen outages in the future.

Update 2015-03-17

Broken Search Functionality Fix. Alternate Sanskrit text titles were not being searched in the New interface. Fixed. Necessary changes back-propagated to Legacy interface.

Update 2015-03-10

Minor Bug Fix. Identical search results within duplicate texts produced contaminated links to the ACIP full text. Fixed.

Update 2015-03-06

Broken Links Fix. The Sanskrit Manuscript archive at the Institute of Oriental Culture at The University of Tokyo (東京大学東洋文化研究所) recently came back online with new URLs. All links to Sanskrit manuscript images and meta-data were updated.

Update 2015-02-16

Nearly all of the functionality in the old "Legacy" interface has been restored in the new interface, including full-text search results sorted by text, and minor bugs in links to ACIP full-text were fixed.